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instant retail – pop up shops

hire & installation of pop up shops & special events

instant retail is Melbourne’s innovative supplier to pop up shops, providing shop fittings and services for many styles of temporary installations. We specialise in the hire of fixtures to suit pop up shops, product promotions and special events…

Our customers have often found their location for a pop up shop or event, and are looking to fit it out with quality retail shop fixtures. instant retail offers an alternative to the trouble and expense of purchasing and transporting fittings around Melbourne, by hiring the items required for all kinds of pop up shops. Our offer of rental equipment also addresses the issue of what to do with those fittings after the event.

The economical, efficient and eco-friendly solution is to hire exactly what is needed, only for the time the pop up shop is trading – and then get on with other business. No time and effort is wasted with sourcing, transporting, storing and maintaining shop fittings and furniture not actually required again.

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