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change rooms

portable change rooms to hire or buy in melbourne

Call them what you will…. portable changing rooms, dressing rooms, fitting rooms, or pop up rooms….. our change room systems are solid and secure. Sure, each system is portable and will pop up with the rest of your fittings from instant retail, but they're certainly different from your standard portable rooms - no flimsy side walls, grubby floors or narrow curtains. Shoppers tell us they're wary of flimsy change rooms – with curtains that fly open or walls that collapse ! We spent a lot of time and effort developing these systems, starting with some serious research for any “off the shelf” solutions already available and what really makes a good changing room... We soon discovered there are limited options for 'rooms suitable for pop up shops and temporary events – and none that would meet our criteria… so we designed and built our own from the ground up ! These change rooms are modular - available in clusters or as individual units. The 'rooms are free-standing and stable, with full-height wall panels and curtains down to shin height (not too short but not full-length either).