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terms and conditions

“Owner” means instant retail ABN 82 167 487 970, its employees and agents. “Hirer” means anyone who requests or approves Products and services from the Owners, including individuals, registered entities, employees and agents. “Product” means any item provided, whether hired from the Owner’s stocks, sub-hired from other suppliers or provided as a Sale Item.

conditions of hire

All Products, services, duration of hire, times and addresses for Delivery and Collection will be detailed in the Owner’s Quotation and Invoice. The Invoice will summarise all final details, including any changes subsequent to the Quotation.

Hired items shall remain the property of the Owner at all times. The Hirer is responsible for the reasonable care, maintenance and security of all Products after Delivery, including packaging and ancillary items. The Hirer is required to maintain appropriate Property and Public Liability insurances at all times (see indemnity below). Repair or replacement of items due to damage, breakage or loss of components shall be paid by the Hirer. Liability for replacement excludes items damaged due to general wear and tear. Charges for repair or replacement will be limited to the retail cost of components plus labour to source and assemble.

“Sale Items” (as noted on the Invoice) will remain the property of the Owner until Delivery and full payment of all Invoices, including additional charges. Upon Delivery the Hirer will assume responsibility for Sale Items and arrange subsequent dismantle, removal and storage. “Sub-hired” Products may be provided by the Owner. All sub-hired items will be subject to the same conditions of hire as the Owner’s stocks.

All Products must be secured and located indoors at all times. No Products are suitable for outdoor use.

The Hirer must be personally on site to receive Delivery of all Products (or provide an authorised agent to approve the Owner’s Delivery documentation) and ensure the Delivery can proceed without delay. Products must be ready at the Collection time, and be returned in a thoroughly clean and complete condition.

The Owner’s Invoice will generally allow for clear and straight-forward Delivery and Collection, using a reasonable (but minimum) level of labour. The Owner will provide trolleys and equipment as required for Delivery and installation. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure there will be parking facilities nearby, level surfaces for trolleys and lift access where appropriate. It is also the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure all Products are appropriate for installation within the site – specifically including landlord and/or venue approvals. The Owner requests early advice of any approval or access issues, and may charge additional fees for extra processes, labour or resources as required.

hire charges

The Hirer agrees to hire Products within dates and times as specified on the Owner’s Invoice.

Generally, all Products noted on the Invoice will be Delivered and installed (including assembly as required) by the Owner. Collection will be limited to removal of the Owner’s property and sub-hired items only. The Owner reserves the right to charge additional fees for difficulties or delays with Delivery or Collection, cleaning, assembly or repairs required of returned Products.

confirmation & cancellation

The Owner will provide a formal Quotation to the Hirer, as summary of all discussions and agreements on the Products and services to be provided. Once the Hirer approves the Quotation, items will be Invoiced and noted for use by the Hirer, although availability will not be confirmed until payment has been received. If cancellation is required, deposits and payments made by the Hirer may be refunded, less any costs incurred in the production of special orders and signage, or fees charged by sub-hire / production houses engaged for the Hirer’s event. In most instances, payments (less costs above) will be refunded in full if an order is cancelled more than 7 days prior to Delivery. No refund will be provided once Delivery has commenced / occurred.

payment terms

All orders must be paid in full prior to Delivery. Proof of payment is generally due no later than 7 days prior to Delivery.

Payment can be made by way of electronic funds transfer to the Hirer’s nominated bank account, by cheque / money order or by Visa / MasterCard. Card payments will attract a 2% merchant fee. All processing / transfer / foreign exchange fees will be paid by the Hirer. Payments must be made in Australian Dollars.


The Hirer agrees to indemnify the Owner from and against all claims, damages, costs, loss or liability (including legal costs and disbursements associated with defending or settling claims) arising from or in connection with the provision of hired Products or services provided by the Owner.